April 9, 2019

Who is Rebuilding Together Muscatine County?

RTMC is a 501(c)3 non-profit and one of over 150 affiliates across the country… whose mission is to help older, veteran and/or disabled low-income homeowners stay in their homes safer and longer. No other organization in the Muscatine County area does this type of work. RTMC has invested over $250,000, assisting more than 100 homeowners in Muscatine County since 2007.
RTMC has installed wheelchair ramps, altered homes to make their bathrooms accessible for the handicapped and for wheelchairs. RTMC has assisted families with small children, making their homes safe, warm and dry. RTMC has a long list of home repairs that have been done, and all of this with no cost to the homeowner.
How can you help?
Donate; Your donation will help us build wheelchair ramps, fix broken doors and windows, replace roofs, and make safety repairs to homes of families in need.
Sponsor; Companies that sponsor RTMC can provide volunteers, products, services, and financial support. Recruit your colleagues for an incredible team building experience.
Call us at 563.260.3145 or visit our website at RebuildingTogetherMuscatine.org TODAY!
Donations to Rebuilding Together Muscatine County are tax deductible.


Find us online; at RebuildingTogetherMuscatine.com
On Facebook; Rebuilding Together Muscatine County, Inc
Or 1424B Houser St. in Muscatine