It Just Needs Done

November 22, 2011

The Problem

Being wheel chair bound and having some other health issues, it was impossible for Frank to bathe in the tub without endangering himself.

The Solution

With the help of the Rebuilding Together Team and some specialty items purchased just for his home, Frank is now able to bathe without fear of causing an emergency for himself.

The Rebuilding Together Muscatine County team and the Happy Recipients

Some other modifications were made to Frank and Nellie’s home to enable easier living for wheel chair living.

Frank’s sister Nellie says now they feel safe in their home.

Yard Crew

Lots of work was done to beautify the yard so it will be more enjoyable for Frank and Nellie, with less maintenance.

Frank and Nellie now enjoy a smooth concrete ramp with a sturdy rail, so enjoying their new yard, is even safer.