What’s Happening Now?

July 15, 2020

While the world seems to have ground to a halt by COVID19, your Rebuilding Together, although not actively doing any projects, has not ceased in it’s behind the scenes work.
We are actively spreading the word about what we do, and are still seeking grants, donations, and other forms of backing. In this way, when the world opens back up again – We’ll be ready!
Here is the latest impact statement from our corporate office;
Survey Finds Rebuilding Together’s Repair Work Positively Impacts Low-Income Families
Data indicate improvements for service recipients in areas of safety, physical health, mental health, independence, economic security, and community connection

July 06, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C., JULY 8, 2020 – Today, Rebuilding Together released the results of its pilot impact measurement survey designed to assess the effectiveness of the organization’s core practice model. Affiliates surveyed service recipients and conducted home assessments before and after repairs, using a checklist of 25 safe and healthy housing principles. The results indicate that work done by Rebuilding Together’s affiliates achieved positive outcomes across all categories included in the survey: safety, physical health, mental health, independence, economic security, and community connection.

Results from the survey included the following:

Seven in 10 neighbors who received repairs report low or no chance of falling.

Nearly two-thirds of neighbors who reported their health was less than good before repairs said their health improved after the repairs were completed.

Three in five neighbors who received repairs report feeling happier, and almost 90 percent of the most stressed respondents feel less stress about home repairs and maintenance after receiving repairs.

Nine in 10 neighbors who received repairs plan to age in place.

More than three-quarters of neighbors who received repairs plan to pass their properties down to family or friends.

Three in five neighbors who received repairs say their homes are now more valuable as an asset.

The full report can be viewed on Rebuilding Together’s website: https://rebuildingtogether.org/our-impact

“The results of Rebuilding Together’s impact measurement survey show home repairs enable our neighbors to stay in their homes safely, creating a ripple effect of positive change,” said Caroline Blakely, president & CEO of Rebuilding Together. “A safe and healthy home strengthens our mental and physical health, fosters independence, increases upward mobility, and causes community connection to thrive. We’re encouraged to see that the survey results speak to the efficacy of our mission and will continue to follow these indicators in the years to come.”

To measure the impact on homeowners themselves, Rebuilding Together affiliates surveyed the clients they served in five months. The survey asked about changes they may have experienced since repairs were made. The project was executed throughout 2019 in partnership with external evaluator Actionable Insights.