Rebuilding Together is the leading national nonprofit whose mission is:

Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives

The vision of Rebuilding Together is:

Safe homes and communities for everyone.

Currently in 39 states, local Rebuilding Together affiliates complete nearly 10,000 projects per year. Our affiliates across the country serve the needs of people in need and work to revitalize communities.

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A Great Partnership!

When the Covid 19 quarantine began, everything, everywhere, came to a screeching halt. Everything except need. Need never takes a break. One thing that the quarantine did very quickly, was to magnify where the need was the largest. They called it “Food insecurities”. defines food insecurities as “a household’s inability to provide enough food… Read More →

Slow and Steady

Remember when your momma told you that “Slow and steady wins the race”? Well here at Rebuilding Together Muscatine County, we are taking that bit of wisdom to heart. During the past month, RTMC has helped a homeowner with some gutter issues, assuring that their home will remain dry. We have also been able to… Read More →

Coming Out of Quarantine – It Just Needs Done

Some things in life just happen, and you don’t see them coming. You get blindsided.  As with most of our new friends here at Rebuilding Together Muscatine County, these things happen, leaving people not knowing where to turn for help. This is one such story. This man’s beloved wife, although really quite young, had a… Read More →