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Together they stand to make a difference Rebuilding Together: Muscatine  County could use some helping hands to give some homes a little TLC


Together they stand to make a difference Rebuilding Together: Muscatine County could use some helping hands to give some homes a little TLC

Cynthia BeaudetteThe Muscatine  Journal |                                        Posted: Tuesday, April 17,  2012 10:30 pm



MUSCATINE, Iowa —What does it take to rebuild a county? For starters, how  about a hammer, a shovel and a willingness to work?

If you have one or all of those, organizers at Rebuilding Together Muscatine  County have a spot for you on Saturday, April 28.

That’s the day the local chapter of the National Rebuilding Together  organization plans to complete projects at four area houses and two non-profit  centers.

Since its founding in 2007,  by executive director  Frank Iliff,  the non-profit Rebuilding Muscatine County has helped more than 30 low-income  homeowners who needed repairs.

Rebuilding’s recipients include the disabled and elderly, at-risk families  with children, veterans and active military members.

To make the best use of time and resources, volunteers with all types of  talents and ideas are needed, said Deb Iliff, Frank’s wife, and volunteer  coordinator for the organization.

“Even if you can’t do electrical work, you can pick up a rake,” said Deb  Iliff. “And if you’re too young to use power tools, you can pick up trash.”

She added there is also a need for ambassadors. These are people who sit and  talk with the homeowners while the work is being done.

“One couple we worked with had lived in their home for 50 years and had spent  a lot of time alone,” said Deb Iliff. “Then they had all these people at their  house, and it was a big change. One of our volunteers spent the day with that  couple and kept them company.”

Volunteers will receive lunch and a T-shirt, and may even  learn some  new skills.

Some people put together a group from their workplace, said Iliff, or  families form teams, as do groups and organizations. Walk-in volunteers are  welcome the day of the event, but teams have a better chance of working together  at the same site when they sign up by Saturday, April 21, said Deb Iliff.

Applications are available at:

— Calvary Church, 501 W. Bypass Iowa Highway 61

— Muscatine County Extension Office, 1514 Isett Ave.

— The Muscatine Journal, 301 E. Third St.

— Rebuilding Together Muscatine County, 205 Cedar St.

— Shear Success, 109 Lake Park Blvd.

To learn more about volunteering, contact the Iliffs at  or call 563-260-3143.

Volunteers will meet at 7:15 a.m. on National Rebuilding Day at the  Rebuilding Together Muscatine County headquarters, 205 Cedar St.

Donations can also be mailed to the Rebuilding Together Muscatine  County  headquarters.


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