About Us

Who we are

Rebuilding Together is the leading national nonprofit working to preserve Affordable Home Ownership and revitalize neighborhoods by bringing volunteers and communities together to rehabilitate the homes of persons in need. These projects are accomplished through the hard work of 167 affiliates nationwide.

Who we help

Homeowners in need. More and more families are placed in the position of choosing between vital necessities over essential home repairs and modifications. Recipients of service include the disabled and senior, at-risk families with children, veterans and active members of our nation’s military.

National Initiatives

National Rebuilding Day

The organization’s annual signature event in which 167 affiliates participate. Legions of volunteers work together on this day to repair and restore houses and non-profit facilities, leaving families and communities significantly improved.

Safe at Home

Provides the modifications and accessibility improvements that enable low-income senior homeowners to avoid nursing home placement and age comfortably and safely in their own homes.

Gulf Coast Operations

Established to rebuild the houses of low-income homeowners and the capacity of our affiliate network after a natural disaster. Currently operation Rebuild 1000 is well on the way to a goal of rebuilding 1000 homes on the Gulf coast.

Veterans Housing

The Veterans Housing unit serves to fill gaps in housing modifications and repairs that retired and active service persons struggle to meet, often providing handicap modifications for veterans wounded in service to our country.

Green Housing

While the green movement has only gained momentum in the past few years, Rebuilding Together affiliates have been utilizing green practices — and providing green home rehabilitation — since our founding over 20 years ago. We believe that home repair and rehabilitation are inherently green.