Rebuilding Together Muscatine County – Today

August 13, 2021


This post is to give you a heads up about what has been going on in your Rebuilding Together Muscatine County.

  • Your board has been searching for some new board members that will add a wider variety of outlooks to the processes used to operate RTMC.
  • The executive board has been working on revamping the bylaws to better serve a community that is constantly changing.
  • Term limits and rotations have been discussed and changed, giving more of our leadership different opportunities to serve.

Since COVID, there have been changes regarding the purchase of items used to build our ramps.

  • Lumber has been scarce.
  • Lumber that is on the market now, is three times the price.

On the bright side, Lowe’s, who is one of Rebuilding Togethers corporate sponsors has made it possible for us to purchase lumber to build all of the ramps that are on our current “to do” list.

Speaking of ramps – watch your email for news of upcoming dates for the building of these ramps.

Rebuilding Together Muscatine County is ready to get back work helping our community to be a better place to live, and we hope you will be able to join us.