It Just Needs Done

November 22, 2011

The Problem

Being wheel chair bound and having some other health issues, it was impossible for Frank to bathe in the tub without endangering himself.

The Solution

With the help of the Rebuilding Together Team and some specialty items purchased just for his home, Frank is now able to bathe without fear of causing an emergency for himself.

The Rebuilding Together Muscatine County team and the Happy Recipients

Some other modifications were made to Frank and Nellie’s home to enable easier living for wheel chair living.

Frank’s sister Nellie says now they feel safe in their home.

Yard Crew

Lots of work was done to beautify the yard so it will be more enjoyable for Frank and Nellie, with less maintenance.

Frank and Nellie now enjoy a smooth concrete ramp with a sturdy rail, so enjoying their new yard, is even safer.




New Orleans 2011

November 14, 2011



We just returned from the 2011 Rebuilding Together National Conference.

We enjoyed great food, great teaching, meeting up with old friends and making some new ones.

Every single person has so much value to add and we hope we added some value as well.

We are exhausted, but brimming with new ideas and strategies!

With a little time to review, we’ll be off and running again.

We don’t believe the support from this organization corporately can be matched any where!

Come back here and visit often to see how you and Rebuilding Together can make a great partenership!

Rebuilding Together Muscatine Work Day 2011

April 16, 2011

Rebuilding Together: National Initiatives: National Rebuilding Day

We need your help spreading the word about National Rebuilding Day! Learn all the ways you can share our work and mission. This is your opportunity to make a difference in communities nationwide!

The date:  April 30     The time: 7:30 am    The place: Calvary Parking Lot

Once in the parking lot, you will receive your assignment and your shirt.

Volunteer forms may be picked up at our office at 129 West 2nd street.

You may also call 563-260-3143, or you can catch up with us on FaceBook

Rebuilding Together in the News

July 21, 2010
**Rebuilding Together’s Quarterly Presidential Address!

Join President and CEO, Gary Officer as he shares key goals, updates and upcoming highlights for the organization!  The presentation will be 30 minutes with questions to follow.
July 20 @ 12pm EDT Click here to register.

Two more exciting trainings!

Building Your Affiliate by Involving Community Partners

Have you ever wanted to learn how to utilize groups like JobCorps, YouthBuild, Bike & Build, NCCC, and service learning college students? Join Brian Parks and a panel of representatives to build and expand these relationships.
July 29 @ 2:30pm EDT Click here to register.

Time to Get Connected: Social Media, Video, Blogs, and You!

What sort of outreach are you doing? How do you find new donors, new members, new volunteers? Join us to review the best way for your affiliate to utilize social media and video.
August 3 @ 2:30pm EDT Click here to register.

One of Rebuilding Together’s Recent Projects

June 22, 2010

See some pictures of one of our recent projects in Muscatine. It was a fun day of work, laughter, fresh paint and smiles. And one thing is for sure—this house will never be the same!

If you are interested in joining us on upcoming projects, please visit our Get Involved page. Volunteers are the engine who power progress. Together, we rebuild!